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A Letter to Mom


I am your son.

You gave so much to have me and my siblings. You have given so much to make sure we were healthy and prepared for life. You continue to give to ensure we are doing well.

Many parents fall short of the level of sacrifice which you and Dad have made for us. Nothing drives this home more than my work as a teacher. I try to help my students who have parents who can’t or won’t be there for their children. And the saddest part of it is most of these children just need someone to care. Someone who loves them enough to comfort them when they are hurt, and hold them to it when they want to give up.

You see, you gave us love. You and Dad always tried to make sure we felt it. Sometimes that love was holding us when we were scared. Sometimes that love was holding us to our word when we made a commitment. “Stick to the job like glue, Stick to the job ’til it is through,” are words I have lived by, even when I had forgotten the rhyme.

A parent’s love is obviously not easy. There were times when you knew the right choice, but you didn’t know how to make me see it. There were times when my inexperience made me short sighted and narrow minded. Yet you helped me. I honor you for it.

You and Dad have made mistakes. Every person has. I know you know of them because unlike most, you are willing to admit to them. I honor you for this too. I am sure there will be plenty of mistakes we all will make in the future. I hope I can have the humility of admitting to mine when that time comes.

Mom, 5 days before your birthday I want to try and give you a gift: a gift that my youngest sister has generously thought of. I hope this gift is better than any I have given you; That we have given you.

Mom, the gift I wish to give is love and honor. I wish to acknowledge all you and Dad have done and do to help me and my brothers & sisters succeed. Thank you. Thank you for doing a often-thankless job. Thank you for loving us even when it was hard. Thank you for trying your best even when the cares, stresses, and distractions of the world pulled you back and forth. Thank you for trying even when you didn’t know what to do, and there was little to no help to be had. Thank you for teaching me to love, to work, to play, to pray, to forgive, to give, to help, to be helped. Thank you for being an example of faith and love in a faithless and loveless seeming world.

Mom. I love you. Happy birthday!

Your son,

Brian Middleton