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About Us

We are determined to do good, and to seek all truth.

The symbol of the tiger was selected cautiously: a tiger is a lone creature, and must be self-sufficient. We find that whatever we focus on, we magnify. We may meet each other and teach, and help in whatever mundane or mystical ways that we can.

In the Order Of The Tiger, there is only one rank, and that is Tiger. Whatever our differences, we are all Tigers.

As members of the The Order Of The Tiger we believe in self-mastery; in the supreme potential of all things. We intend to share the finest, most uplifting teachings. We recognize that no philosophy is complete, and we must do our best.

We recognize that what makes us human in the first place is our ability to think symbolically through language and art. We strive to outgrow this and to embrace true substance beyond symbolism. We see that people can and will believe anything, and only through action do their beliefs crash into hard realities; therefore we hold that mindful action is the only path to true understanding. We have found commonality in practical experiences. We do not desire to discover ourselves: we wish to create ourselves. We have found that nothing outmatches our own experiences and actions. The diagrams, charts and articles of this site showcase some of our discoveries, which we hope will augment your own development.

Some convenient definitions to help when you inevitably run into issues:
• Good
is all that which is true, which increases understanding and ability, and which invites others to do the same.
Evil is the use of power to subjugate or harm anyone (including ourselves).

How To Become A Tiger

To become a member of the Order of the Tiger, one should take the following steps:
1. Engage in self-reflection.
2. Realize that you are not your ideas, your beliefs, nor your actions: these can change and your self will remain.
3. Commit to engaging in self-refinement, to remove all dishonesty from yourself bit by bit.
4. Go do good, and learn. As long as our understanding does not encompass all of the universe, we have more to learn.
5. Live the best you can with the greatest degree of self-reliance, still recognizing that we are all in this together.

For more information, keep hunting.