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Avoiding Dogma

I often run into people who’ve left one religion or another, who then unthinkingly seek to replicate the familiar community and conditions of what they had just left behind.

I used to consider myself a feminist and egalitarian: just more ideals for a young idealist. Pay attention to the inequality promulgated by modern feminists.

I no longer believe in equality. It is a damnable lie, and living out of accord with truth leads to insanity. Do not hope for equality. Instead, create harmony. You are better at something, they are better at something else. This can produce teamwork and harmony, and it is the only possible outcome in an actually diverse world.

I’m not about to apologize for this position. Can you find me the particle that emits the equality field? No? Perhaps “equality” is an ideology, no? It has certainly generated a cult on the Left.

In their anxiety, erudite leftists rightly ridicule the nonsense and maliciously bad ideas found in the Bible, only to replace them with the nonsense and maliciously bad ideas that cultural Marxism offers. It is, perhaps, an ironic blessing to Christians that they do not read their own holy book. Most “Christian” morals and values do not come from the Bible, but come from a post-Enlightenment era; and on the whole westerners may be viewed as incredibly peaceful and temperate when we consider the carnival of terrors that is human history.

The old traditions couldn’t handle the novelty of our modern era, but when we abandoned our mythologies, it left the children of bourgeois westerners with nihilism. This cannot endure for long. Their instincts are kicking in. Humans need meaning in life. Other, often worse mythologies are being granted special entertainment on account of them not being Western, or for not being one’s own family tradition. The Left shows the many ways in which western culture can be oppressive; but in a mindless about-face they advocate replacing it with ever-more oppressive authoritarianism. It’s almost like color-blindness. They seem to lack irony receptors in their brains.

The far Right is responding to this in kind, and the anti-liberty outcomes reveal that freedom has a hard time surviving an anxiety-riddled population’s desperate need for black-and-white definitions. We’ve lost many core values that come from teaching solid logic. You’ve seen it.

This is a challenge for lovers of free inquiry, everywhere. Ignorance, and concordant punishment of curiosity, are ripe breeding grounds for new mythologies, and shared mythologies foster group cohesion. In evolutionary terms, it is a return to the only game in town, which is tribalism. On the Right you have genetic tribalism with ideology to enforce it. On the Left you have ideological tribalism, with more ideology to enforce it. Ideology is myth. We cannot seem to escape our need for myths and for the sense of meaning it can offer.

Be careful, be wise, and don’t fall for their games.

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