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Comedy 6: Inward Reflection

Phase 6: Inward Reflection: “Overcoming My Own Illusions”

6A: Honest Self-Reflection: This form focuses on the individual as he or she moves beyond egotistical desires and into self-discovery. This form is rarely portrayed in any media because it is so utterly difficult to portray at all.  This form can be mistaken for self-deprecation, but requires no external oppressor to appease. This is self-contained humor. Analysis of this humor is perilous, as it dabbles in increasingly-esoteric matters. To bring it back to reality: As humor is contingent on the existence of a false threat, this form recognizes that one’s own thoughts can be a false threat:

 – Overcoming Desires: desires for creature comforts are the reality of infants; they are the motivators of children which keep them dependent on their parents (this is a good thing at the time, by the way); but in adults they are impeding vestiges of childhood. An adult that is governed by instant gratification of desires continues to behave like a child, and can not become a self-sufficient, self-creative person until desires can be subjected to the will. A person governed by desire perceives all lack of satisfaction as a real threat. A person who has overcome gratification can find humor in the most desperate circumstances: and may, by minimizing their opinion of the threat, overcome it entirely. We typically think of these people as having a surprisingly good attitude.

 – Overcoming Core Beliefs: indefensible beliefs are often imposed from the outside from a young age, and shedding those beliefs causes many to reflect and laugh at their past selves. This form is expressed only after resentment towards lying parents and teachers can be overcome.

Recognizing one’s own sensory and cognitive limitations can lead to some profoundly hilarious self-reflection, and often leads one who has accomplished this realization to be much more forgiving of himself/herself and of the flaws in others.

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