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Comedy 1: Physical Threat

Phase 1: Threats. “Aww come on… it was a JOKE!”

• 1A: Physical threats and pranks: Simply search for  “funny video” on the internet. Most of them feature someone suffering, either through poor decisions or as a consequence of being assaulted or tricked by a so-called friend. This is funny to us as viewers, because there is a perceived threat, but it cannot harm us individually.  For the target, the threat passes, and is identified as false. Often the camera-man will laugh in an automatic, nervous way, possibly to indicate that the scenario is not actually a threat (even if it is). It is speculated that laughter evolved before speech, as a laugh quickly indicates that a threat has passed. For the target, the prank is almost never perceived as a non-threat, so it is not funny to them. It is very common for a prankster to be totally incapable of understanding that the target does not find the prank funny. The defense is usually “come on it’s a joke”. This ignores the validity of the target’s personal needs, and indicates a total lack of empathy from the prankster.

• 1B: Pathogen threats: think about poop. If you snicker, you’re probably a male. Men were trackers and hunters, a prestigious position that yielded about 10% of foodstuffs, but it was much-needed protein from hunting. To track animals, men used animal feces as a signal of proximity to prey. It was not a threat to them, because they could simply identify it and move on to hunt.
Women, on the other hand, are the default nurturers and providers. Poop left on a baby makes for a sick baby; it poisons food, and is otherwise a horrible threat to the tribe when left to fester. This accounts for why about 100% of men think fecal humor is hilarious, and only about 25% of women have any similar brain activity when farts happen. It simply does not strike most of them as funny; and in fact tends to make them feel threatened.

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