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Comedy 5: Absurdism

Phase 5: Odd Ideas: “Wouldn’t it be silly if…”

5A: Absurdism: This form contains silly scenarios, possibly without a punchline:  any fan of Monty Python will recognize the silly situations that remain unresolved in many Monty Python skits, which rely on abstractions, incongruous ideas, and inappropriate responses. No hero nor villain is required in this form of comedy; the circumstance itself can be the source of conflict. The viewer will think this is funny if their grasp of cause-and-effect is intact. This comedy escapes those with a poor grasp of causality and/or context of the phenomenon being witnessed. The phenomenon will thus be dismissed as “weird”. Note the accompanying facial expression of disgust combined with concern: it is perceived as a cognitive threat to that individual.

This phase is listed prior to Inward Reflection simply because this phase is difficult to explore from outside the context of a group’s expectations.

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