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Comedy 3: Teamwork

Phase 3: Teamwork: “We’re In This Together”

• 3A: Group Adventure: Related to false threat but expanded to include a group of individuals: for example, a group may proceed together through harrowing circumstances, and with an anticipation of difficulty, each passed threat may be shared by the group. This creates an in-group, in which the social bond between members that experience the same difficulties find unity as a team. This is very common in veterans of wars, where the value of social bonds supercede the various social deficits of individual members. It is not requisite that the external conflict be against other persons: the conflict may be against an idea, against nature, or in pursuit of any common goal.

• 3B: Reliving Shared Experiences: A consequence of Group Adventure, stories of events can be re-told, reinforcing the group bond. Note that in this humor, there is a definite “you had to be there” sentiment to outsiders.

• 3C: Team-oriented attacks on an opponent: This approach relies on the existence of an out-group, and is used to establish group dominance. The group’s trust must already be established from previous experiences in order for this tactical approach to work. This is an extension of the primordial hunt, although it should not be inferred that this phase’s categorically-higher number qualifies it as more than a grouped extension of Phase 2’s insults. The goal of any prank is to reduce the social standing of the target. For it to qualify as a prank, the intent of the act must be non-lethal. Examples may be found in nearly any school or political arena.